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Nylon Grades

GRP offers recycled nylon, namely GRPlon developed from the nylon cords recovered from end of life tyres. GRP-IP offers this recycled nylon 6 grade which is upgraded to offer cost effective solutions vis-à-vis virgin nylon. GRP’s upgraded recycled nylon 6 is finding growing acceptance in applications for automotive, consumer durables, industrial goods and filled and modified compounds etc.

Recycled nylon offers cost effective & sustainable solution with significant savings of new materials, power and equipment substitution

GRPlon055G - Engineered Upcycled Polyamide-6

GRPlon055G is an engineered polyamide-6 suitable for making general purpose and industrial products using injection moulding and extrusion processes.

Description ASTM Test Method Unit GRPIon055G GRPIon060M GRPIon100N
Product Upcycled Unfilled Black PA6 Upcycled Unfilled Grey PA6 Modified PA66 Natural
Sp. Gravity D-792 NA 1.12±0.05 1.12±0.05 1.1±0.03
Tensile Strength at Yield (50mm/min) D-638 Mp a 50±5 55±5 60±5
Elongation at Yield (50mm/min) D-638 % 5±1 3±1 5±1
Elongation at Break (50mm/min) D-638 % 6±2 5±1 20±2
Flexural Modulus (1% Secant) D-790 Mp a 2000±200 2400±200 2200±200
Flexural Strength D-790 Mp a 55±5 65±5 60±5
Notched lzod Impact Strength (23°C) D-256 J/m 35±5 35±5 100±20
Typical Applications
Fastners, Cable tie Upto 100% Upto 100% *Upto 100%
Automotive moulded components Upto 100% Upto 100% Upto 100%
Industrial moulded components Upto 100% Upto 100% Upto 100%
Consumer appliances products Upto 100% Upto 100% Upto 100%
Blending resin for glass filled & mineral filled compounding Upto 15%-20% Upto 15%-20% NA
Cost - effective Cost - effective Cost - effective visa-a-vis imported materials
Consistent availability of input material Consistent availability of input material High Impact

* It is general guideline for usage. Actual Condition may vary according to material, machine & processing conditions