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To build a diversified global corporation committed to providing sustainable solutions for a green planet and creating value for all its stakeholders.

VC-MD Speak

Mr. Rajendra V. Gandhi - Inspiration, Torchbearer, Leader

At GRP, we respect him for who he is and all that he does. His maturity, intellect and sound judgement have guided us relentlessly. Here's a short address from the man himself – about his vision, and realities.

“GRP's journey so far has been full of challenges. Right from inception, it has been the endeavour of the Team to build trust with different stakeholders of the Company - customers, suppliers, employees, financial institutions, shareholders, investors or civic society in general. Each action, big or small, taken by every member of the GRP family has helped in building this trust. It is through these conscious efforts that the Company has emerged today as a trustworthy entity, and it is what gives the organisation its reputation in the industry ... not only in India but the world over. Built over time.

Achieving an enviable reputation is a process of accumulating stability and endurance.

In today's competitive world, reputation matters a lot. It enables the leap of faith that has to be taken by new customers, suppliers or investors. This also helps existing associates feel assured and comfortable that they made the right decision in collaborating with GRP. The collective action of all employees in our company has helped build an enviable image, amongst all our stakeholders in India and over 45 other nations. What's more, our employees also feel the pride and joy of working with such an organisation.

As GRP continues its journey ahead, the process of consolidating this reputation continues. In recent times, several new colleagues have joined our growing family. They come from different backgrounds and bring with them varied experiences. It is heartening to see them blend with our organisational culture and make notable contributions in enhancing the Company's reputation and respect.

When you've got something to prove, there's nothing greater than a challenge. ?The new challenge before us is how to maintain an annual growth of 30-40%, and at the same time avoid wavering from our path of continually building and consolidating trust among the increasing stakeholders of our company. But like they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

-Rajendra V. Gandhi

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