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  • Products

    Re-engineering For The Future!

    At GRP, power and productivity go hand in hand. This belief has been inculcated into the very fibre of our organisation. It is put to practical use every day in each of our 5 reclaim Rubber and Thermoplastics manufacturing plants located across the nation.

    Productivity to us translates to delivering recyclable, high-quality and cost-effective products and solutions that help maintain the delicate balance of the Earth's ecosystem; with the aim of conserving precious natural resources. We make a conscious effort to push the limits of our expertise and our Research & Development capabilities to make this vision a possibility. We hope to excite and inspire you to partner with us to make this happen for the generations to come.

  • People

    Engaging With Fellow Believers!

    Our organisation is made up of people who believe in the promise of a brighter tomorrow. With a group strength spanning more than 1,500 employees and in excess of 100,000 minds (engaged in the supply chain) thinking in the same direction. We realise there is much we can do to deliver value that goes beyond mere financials.

    We consider our role in the lives of our customers, employees and the population at large very carefully and from a long-term perspective. And, we remain dedicated to delivering on our promise to make the world a better place to live in. Impacting positively is, our only alternative. This is our rallying cry.

  • Planet

    Embracing A New Way Of Life!

    To us at GRP, the planet isn't merely a resource into which we can tap as we see fit. As the Dalai Lama very rightly put it, ‘it is our only home’. And, for this reason alone it deserves our utmost respect and attention. Our concern for the Earth is something that pervades everything we do. It has a profound impact on every activity we carry out, right from how we do business to what we do with our space.

    Since our inception, we have played a role in giving back to the community through our products as well as our CSR activities. We are committed to making a long-lasting difference to the people of India and the world at large through our efforts. We invite you to partner us in the move to make our planet, a healthier one.

  • Progress

    Making Growth The Path!

    GRP has always lived up to its promise of being an innovator in the fields in which it operates, venturing into progressive and relatively untapped markets to make a positive impact. We began our journey as a manufacturer of traditional reclaim from waste tyres, and have over the last few decades upgraded product quality to levels that facilitate greater usage of reclaimed rubber in end-products.

    Our organisation has been the pioneer in introducing reclaims from synthetic rubber waste sources. To take further our philosophy of saving valuable natural resources for the industry, we forayed into production of custom dye forms, as well as products punched from end of life tyres for use in civil and agricultural applications. We have even entered the field of plastics, using self-developed technology to upgrade Nylon recovered from waste tyres for use in automotive and industrial applications.

    Our vision for the future is to operate a world class product development and application centre which supports existing businesses and future innovation. And, provide value added services to each of our stakeholders, be they consumers, employees, investors, channel partners or distributors.