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GRP Ltd, established in 1974, is among the most recognised manufacturer of reclaimed rubber from used tyres, upscaled polyamide from nylon waste and engineered products die-cut from end-of- life tyres. The company operates 4 business verticals (Reclaim Rubber, Industrial Polymers, Custom Die Forms & Retreading) with 8 manufacturing units across India with an installed capacity to handle 75,000 MT per annum to service the needs of the global polymer industry and help save valuable resources of the planet.

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GRP has entered the CV Retreading Market in India through a JV with Marangoni, Italy. Read More >


GRP produces reclaim rubber from end of life tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber and butyl tubes, moulded rubber products for use in both, tyre and non-tyre rubber products.

GRP-IP has a state-of-the art compounding facility in Gujarat, India. It is the first Indian company to commercialize the concept of recovery and reuse of polyamide from end-of-life tyres. A key competitive advantage is the continuous availability of in-house raw materials.

End of life commercial tyres continue to possess excellent engineering capability, since they are built for poor road conditions and are subjected to overloading beyond its rated capacity. This presents an opportunity to convert these tyres into products that can be designed for use in civil and agricultural applications. The components made from end of life tyres are used in applications where low cost solutions are a necessity. These products are meant to absorb vibrations in heavy equipment and for insulation against sound, impact. GRP CDF produces these products in collaboration with Leading North American Companies in this business. This ensures reuse of end of life tyres with minimal energy needs.

Marangoni GRP Pvt. Ltd has entered the Indian market in 2016 with the aim to provide class leading, globally proven, high class retreading solutions to truck fleets. MGPL intends to set up a National Franchisee Network across key trucking markets of India by encouraging entrepreneurs to set up modern retreading shops that have an organised layout, efficient equipment and unique processes to manufacture high quality retreaded tyres. It commissioned its 1 st RINGTREAD Store at Pithampur, near Indore, MP in early 2016.

Composite Products are value added products manufactured from 100% recycled materials. The environmentally friendly products are highly durable and strong, making them exceptional replacement for wood and other materials in a variety of applications. The products are well suited for application in sectors such as logistics, construction, oil & gas, aviation, marine, industrial and agriculture.


GRP’s various products have a core promise of enhancing sustainability of natural resources. Lower C02 emissions, more recycling of end of life tyres and other rubbers results in a cleaner environment.


Lower greenhouse gas emissions Vs. virgin polymers


End-of-life tyres saved from reaching landfills in last 5 years


Lesser virgin polymers used by industry in last 5 years


APPLICATIONS / industries

At GRP, the focus is to manufacture products that solve specific problems of our customers – whether it is improving process-ability, lower costs, improve sustainability of their products etc. We believe that each of our products has the potential to deliver its maximum value if correctly matched with the right application.


Giving Back

At GRP, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contributes in shaping the ‘How’ and the ‘Why’ of almost every activity we undertake. Over the years, we are happy to have played a role in giving back to the community through our products as well as our CSR activities.


Life At GRP


At GRP, life is about performing with passion to satisfy the needs of our customers and taking care of all our stakeholders. While doing this, we believe that people are individuals first and letting them be themselves at work and in play is central to having a healthy and productive work place.


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New At GRP


In an ever evolving and changing world, GRP’s endeavour is to keep pace through participation in external events like Expos, corporate team events, brain-storming sessions with stakeholders. Internally too, GRP believes in involving employees in various projects, events etc. – all to build the future together.